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Have You Opened Your Mind Yet?

…when your mind opens so much that it almost feels impossible to close it


Try touching the things I feel, seeing what I perceive, and hearing what I listen to…Where would one begin to rewrite the chemistry of my mind?

a question i’ll have for the world until the day I die.


I woke up this morning feeling a little empty. Couldn’t figure out why until I rolled over in my bed staring at the whole other empty half, rubbing my hand on the cold, white sheets. I then…

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Alexis :: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


I was in New York City in the beginning of the week for a interview screening for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to volunteer this September. Here is what I wore to the interview!image

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A Flower Is Just A F*ckn Flower

A Flower Is Just A F*ckn Flower


The other day I was trying to ask my brother the differences between different flowers and after some time of the convo going nowhere because he had no interest, he finally said,

a flower is just a fckn flower!

Uh nah home boy! A flower is never just a flower. I never studied botany or anything, but I do know flowers have different structures, shapes, sizes, different color variations, etc.


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What are you doing to relax?!

Morning After


Click Here To Read My First Post On Morning After

I am pumped that I get to share my journey and inspire on Morning After! Follow us and keep up with the motion !

xo, Lex

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Hello Beautiful People!image

My name is Alexis and I am just a soul roaming this Earth— just like you! I am only 21-years-old and I’ve seen everything I have expected to see at this age, plus more! I’m from a small town in Ohio that no one ever hears about, but I’ve been around the world seeing…

Top Ten Travel Quotes

Here’s my trip to Venice with my fave girls <3 Enjoy!!!! 

Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with my journey in Italia!

Tattoos &amp; Whiskey by fixthefashioncrave showing how to wear black jewelryH M denim top, $42 / Black racerback tank / High rise skinny jeans / Timberland water proof boots / MARBELLA black jewelry / Sterling silver jewelry / MARBELLA Crystal &#8220;Rosas&#8221; Adhesive Tattoo, $140 / White hat / Round frame glasses / Matte makeup / Makeup
Something Nude &amp; Something Bold by fixthefashioncrave featuring a lip shineH M dress, $25 / Dorothy Perkins gray coat / Red pantyhose / Charlotte Russe over knee socks / MICHAEL Michael Kors high heel booties / 3&#160;1 Phillip Lim genuine leather purse / Forever 21 bohemian bracelet / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadow / Tarte waterproof foundation / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip shine / Glitter nail polish

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